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Why Should You Consider Abrasive Waterjet Cutting?

Waterjet cutting is the preferred method for high precision fabrication when there is no room for error. An abrasive water cutter, which is also known as a waterjet, can slice through the strongest of materials. Although numerous cutting and manufacturing processes are available abrasive waterjet cutting is an increasingly popular choice:

  • Often, no secondary process is required, saving you money
  • No heat is produced so the material’s molecular structure isn’t compromised
  • Our Bystronic Byjets large cutting envelope of 10 ft. x 26 ft. can cut just about any material
  • Ideal for intricate or detailed cut
For a clean edge on even the most arduous material, contact Water Cut, Inc. by email or at 985-892-4223 today.

The Waterjet Cutting Process

The waterjet cutting process involves a waterjet applying 60,000 pounds of pressure through a focused stream at twice the speed of sound to provide precise cuts. Waterjet cutting is often the preferred method for materials that are sensitive to the extreme temperatures produced by other methods.

Abrasive waterjet cutting has four main components:
  • 60,000 psi of ultra high pressure water is produced by the water jet intensifier pump
  • Water is pushed through a nozzle where it mixes with garnet to produce the final cust.
  • Generates a taper of less than 1 degree on cuts
  • The distance between the nozzle to material impacts the kerf size. Our Byjet's state-of-the-art height control insures the optimum cutting distance at all times.
Waterjet cutting reduces and often eliminates the issues typically encountered in other cutting methods, leaving materials in their original, pristine state.

Take advantage of Water Cut, Inc.’s skill and expertise with abrasive waterjet cutting method. Give us a call at 985-892-4223 today or contact us by e-mail.

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