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How Laser Engraving Works

One of the newest technologies in material fabrication, laser engraving allows for a highly detailed and intricate image or script reproduction in a variety of materials. Our typical applications include data plates, control panels, proof load charts, load charts, equipment tags, part identification and signage of nearly every shape and size.

Laser engraving technology is where the computer controls a laser beam directed toward the material. As the laser moves across the material, it extracts miniscule dots of material. The process is conducted line by line, resulting in highly detailed engraving.

This process is preferred for image reproductions and can even apply color laser engravings on some metal materials. Whether stainless steel, powder coated, anodized aluminum or weather resistant plastic, Water Cut, Inc. can fill your labeling and signage needs.

To learn more about laser engraving call Water Cut, Inc. at 985-892-4223 today. We can also label and serialize your parts that require labeling and traceability.

Advantages of Laser Engraving

In some cases, laser engraving is the preferred method over other material fabrication procedures:

  • Computer controlled method allows for engraving to be highly accurate
  • Product turnaround for metal pieces is much faster than the typical acid etch and fill methods
  • On the final product, the image is permanently “burned” into the metal
  • Signage can be transferred to plastic or metal from nearly any computer image
We can accept your materials or we can furnish materials for you. For detailed designs, consider laser engraving from Water Cut, Inc.

For more information about our laser engraving services, contact Water Cut, Inc. at 985-892-4223 today.

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