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Water Cut Inc.’s Approach to Plasma Cutting

We also offer plasma and torch cutting technology on our 8 ft. by 20 ft. table in our Abita Springs state-of-the-art facility. Benefits of working with Water Cut, Inc. for your plasma or torch cutting needs are numerous:

  • We can accept your CAD drawings for production or we can draw it for you
  • You may supply your materials or we can supply them for you
  • Low cost alternative to laser and waterjet cutting
  • Parts are slag and burr-free, virtually error-free and manufacturing times are greatly reduced
  • Precision and quality
To learn more about plasma cutting at Water Cut, Inc., call 985-892-4223 today or contact us via e-mail.

The Plasma Cutting Process

CNC plasma and torch cutting maximizes the number of pieces per material and is ideal when heat and tolerances are less of a factor.

During the plasma cutting procedure, an electronic arc transmits an inert gas like compressed air through a constricted opening. Gas temperatures elevate to a point where the gas evolves into a fourth state of matter, which is called plasma. During the cutting process, the electrical conductivity of the plasma causes the arc to transfer to the work. The small nozzle opening compresses the gas at a high speed, which cuts through the material.

Today’s computer numerically controlled (CNC) plasma and torch cutters allow the material to be cut without being touched by human hands. With CNC cutting, your shapes are arranged on a computer program, allowing for pauses, piercing, scaling, specific acceleration and deceleration at corners, for the optimum cut.

For a cost efficient approach to material fabrication contact Water Cut, Inc. at 985-892-4223 today.

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